Friday, 29 March 2013

My Online Secret Admirer, J. Tomas

My Online Secret Admirer

A cute short story about friends with a very big secret.

- Review by Cindi

Mike Halston is sitting in his boring Computers class when he decides to surf the 'net.  Randomly typing in his own name on Google he is surprised when a blog site pops up.  Clicking the link he reads a post by someone who is obviously sitting in the same class at that very moment.  The post has random teenage comments about other students in the class but those barely get notice from Mike.  The one that makes him take notice is:  Sexiest guy ---- Mike Halston.  He looks around the classroom but no one is paying attention to him.  His best friend Talley is snoozing next to him.  His best female friend Marie is oblivious.  

Who thinks Mike is sexy?  Oh no, he groans, it has to be a female.  Only two people at school know that Mike is gay, Talley and Marie.   The entire class is required to create an anonymous blog for credit for the class but the due date is months away.  Who would do it so early?  Most importantly, who thinks Mike is the sexiest guy????

The suspense takes Mike directly to his two best friends during lunch.  He must find out who his secret admirer is even if it turns out to be a female.  Marie goes on a mission to find answers.  Talley is not the brightest bulb in the shed so he seems to not remember what Mike is talking about most of the time.  Only when there is an updated post on the blog the next day does Mike think he has it all figured out.  Thankfully he is wrong in those thoughts and when he finds out the identity of the person who created the blog he goes from shocked to seeing a certain someone in a whole new light.

This is a nice little story.  There is no sexual content at all and very little as far as adult language is concerned.  It is age appropriate and very entertaining.  It also teaches the lesson that not all people are as they appear on the outside, in both looks and actions.   A good, quick read.


  1. This sounds really nice, Cindi. I like a story that teaches people the value of the whole person.

    1. This really does. It was a nice, quick read.