Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Contacting Us and Policies

Feel free to contact us with likes, dislikes, suggestions or for any other reason not listed. Note that unless Kazza K or Cindi or Mr. Austro-Hungarian is listed in the subject line, there is a possibility that the email will be read by all.  Keep that in mind if you wish to send a more personal message.

Review Requests and Policies:

Click the above link or email us at greedybugbookreviews@gmail.com  with the following information:

  1. Author name and title of book
  2. Genre or sub-genre (take note of genres represented on site before requesting)
  3. Quick summary about book and approximate page (or word) count
  4. Publication date, publisher and time limits in which to review
  5. Preference of reviewer (very important) – Kazza K, Mr. Austro-Hungarian, Cindi or either. Each has a unique style in which reviews are written.  A book that is not suited for one reviewer may be suited for  another. Check out reviews (by each) posted on the site to decide a preference.  If one is not listed and the book is accepted for review, Kazza K, Cindi and Mr. Austro-Hungarian will make the decision of which reviewer will read the book and post a review on the site.

Do not send e-copies of books without first sending a query to Greedy Bug. While we strive to read and review as many books as we can, there will be those not suited for the site or the individual reviewers. Not every book will be accepted for review.  Expect a response back in regards to review requests within 24-48 hours.  There are two hemispheres involved so allowances for time differences should be noted and expected.  

Greedy Bug Book Reviews is all about posting honest reviews and this should be noted when submitting a review request. We do not love every book we read but we strive to be fair and constructive. We certainly never attack an author in a review. Reviews are opinions and not all will share them.  Do not send a book for review in exchange for a good review. Greedy Bug Book Reviews will deny those requests.  Expect honesty or submit your book elsewhere.

If a book is accepted for review, it will be noted at the bottom of the completed review that an e-copy was provided to the blog (and by whom) in exchange for a fair and honest review. A majority of books reviewed are purchased by the reviewer so it is necessary to stress when one is not.

We love discovering new authors.  If you are just getting started and wish to have your book reviewed for our blog, contact us.  Some of our favorite authors are brand new to the publishing world.

If you wish to have your book promoted in any other way, contact us for more information.

Guest Reviewers:

Greedy Bug Book Reviews will welcome those interested in being guest reviewers. Contact us with what book (s) you are interested in reviewing and any other information you deem necessary.  A sample of previous reviews may be requested. A decision will be made quickly and the guest reviewer will be contacted via email.  In order to be a guest reviewer on Greedy Bug Book Reviews the reviewer must be a follower of the site.

Authors and Publishers:

If you are an author or publisher and wish to be interviewed or spotlighted on Greedy Bug Book Reviews contact us with your name, book title (s), contests or giveaways, and any other information.  The requirements for each varies so contact us for information.

Note that all decisions in regards to Greedy Bug Book Reviews are made by three people. Keep this in mind before submitting any query and allow enough time for a decision to be made.

Check out Greedy Bug's new Facebook page here.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.  

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