Saturday, 10 August 2013

About New Releases - For Authors and Publishers

Do You Have A New YA or NA LGBTQIA Book Coming Up For Release?

If you are an author or publisher, Greedy Bug is happy to promote your upcoming YA or NA LGBTQIA new releases. Please submit the following to -

1) The title
2) The author
3) The publisher
4) A synopsis or official blurb
5) Date due for release
6) Length - pages or word count
7) Url for purchase link

 - and we will help promote them here on this blog and on our Facebook page. It is Greedy Bug's desire to help promote YA or NA LGBTQIA books and authors. We want to see this genre grow and we want to let readers know what is available.

It would also help us if a bit more information, apart from the official blurb, was supplied on the book so that we can then add a little extra commentary if necessary. However, this is certainly not mandatory.

Cindi, Kazza K, and Mr Austro-Hungarian.

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