Thursday, 15 August 2013

Greedy Bug is Looking For New Reviewers

Are You Interested in Reviewing Books on Greedy Bug?

Greedy Bug is a book review site that primarily reviews LGBTQIA Young Adult or New Adult books. We have been experiencing some real interest from people reading our reviews and from authors in the genre.

It is hard to keep up with the books that are released and some styles don't necessarily suit the reviewers here. To this end, we would like to hear from Young Adult or New Adult readers who would like to review for Greedy Bug.

What we are looking for -

We want people who are enthusiastic about the genre

We want people who are avid and passionate readers

We want people who finish a book and will then review it

We want people who can write thoughtful reviews - they certainly do not have to be as long as the ones Cindi, Kazza K or Mr Austro-Hungarian post

If you are a young adult, that is terrific. If not, then you will be just like Cindi and Kazza K - we are past our YA days...shhh :)

We want people to also join this blog as it does not look good if you review here but don't endorse the site and what we are doing with the site - supporting LGBTQIA authors and the community

Honesty is the most important aspect for all our reviews. It is not possible to love all books, or even like some of them. However, we do not attack writers, other readers, or other reviewers in our reviews and on this blog.

Very soon Greedy Bug will be moving to a new WordPress site with a lot more features and we would love good reviewers to come across to that venture with us

Free Short Stories -  

We are also looking for people who might like to write short stories - around 1,000 words. These will be offered free for people to read. We will have the facility at the new site to put these up on your behalf with your name attached and you retain the rights to your words/stories. We already have a new, exciting young author with some of his own short stories waiting to go up.

The three admins on this site make it a safe and positive environment. So feel free to contact us at  for more information.

Cindi, Kazza K and Mr A-H

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